Why are the the loaded presets displayed as empty?

Here is the process to verify what you need to do to get it working.

Anyone that has had a problem displaying plugins has either been running Live 32 bit (instead of 64), installed the AU for that plugion (instead of VST's) or is running an old version of the VST (that needs to be updated).

First verify you are running Live 64 bit by clicking "Live"-"About".

If not, then make sure you have installed Live 64 bit and run that executable.

Next we will temporarily disable AU's in Live.  In "Preferences" - "File Folder", check to disable AU's.  We can enable them later but for now this will let us verify that the VST's are actually available.


Now close and run Live 64 bit again.  Click on plugins.  Everything you intend to use with the VST Bridge should be visible.  If not, it means you have installed them as AU's or as 32bit only and you should install them again.  Also ensure that the VST's are each at their latest versions and up to date.

This should solve it!  At this point if a vst is giving you trouble you can send me a .adg preset file for me to verify and help you further.

- in Live Plugins, drop the VST into a track (not an Audiomodder preset, but the original VST)

- Right click on that instace and click "Group".  This makes a live rack.

- Now click "Save Preset" on the bottom left of the rack.

- Now send this .adg to the AudioModder support contact supplied in your initial order.


This installation video also helps give an overview of the full process- 

Why can't I load Maschine 2.0 presets?

Maschine 2.0 is now available as a free update to bridge users!  Currently the latest version of Maschine listed on the main page as officially supported is 1.8.2.

How does macroX work for parameter control of Maschine 2? 

Are Maschine Expansions included?

Maschine Expansions are available as an upgrade.  Depending on popularity we hope to cover the last two that aren't in the current download.

Why can't I load the Reaktor/Battery 4 presets?

The Reaktor folders containing the .ens files must reside in /Users/Shared for them to load correctly.  Please read the documentation for the files that need to reside here.  Battery 4 is the only library of considerable size that needs to be here, the other folders are very small.  You must be using all plugins in 64 bit and ensure they are all in their latest versions.  Presets that we have created with later versions than your current plugin version won't load until you do this.  You must also run the latest version of ableton Live.

Why is it 64 bit only?

Because we can only batch with one set of VST's (64bit or 32bit) and not the other.  The time required to support something thats now obsolete is immense for this project.  If you have a 64 bit system, which almost everyone does, theres little reason to stay in 32 bit.  In 32bit you cant use more than 3gb ram.  Furthermore, major plugin vendors offer their plugins in 64bit to users that own their software so its really worth making the switch.

Will it work with Komplete 8?

Yes it will work with Komplete 8! Your plugins must be up to date and you'll be fine. Just remove the preset folders that you don't have the plugins for that are new to Komplete 9.  Some kontakt banks have been renamed in Komplete 9 and these don't work, but I can provide some of these older versions if you need them.

Are macros already mapped with the presets included in the VST Bridge, like for Prism and Spark?

Most VST's that can have parameters configured (accessed by pressing return on push 2 time on a selected device) are set up.  For example, Prism and Spark have parameters preconfigured.  In the case of Prism at this time it has the envelope controls, spark has envelopes and basic filter and oscillator controls.  Massive's parameter mappings are extensive.  Furthermore, if you think I can improve the template, I'm open to receiving template presets from people for any included VST if they feel I can improve those mappings for everyone's workflow and can use them when future updates are required.

Currently, Macros are not used because they lock the parameter to be one way.  The VST cant send the data back to the macro.  So then loading new presets in any VST is broken due to the current implementation of Macros.  The configured dials work well enough with push though, and your not limited to 8 - we get multiple pages.

Will it detect my own presets?

The Push VST preset bridge does not detect your own current presets if they differ from the factory presets.  If you have a large number of them you may be interested in my tutorial on how to batch them by yourself using keyboard maestro on osx.  This lets you use presets from VST's on Push's browser.  I could provide my keyboard maestro macros to those that wish to utilise them to batch their own presets, but you would need to be able to set a screen res of 1680x1050 for it to work, and there may be variations that you'd need to do to get it to work locally for each macro step.

One of the installers Failed/Live isn't working anymore.  What should I do?

If you experience difficulty using any of the contained installers follow these steps for a manual install.  You must clear out the places tab. You may use the official complete uninstall method (to save you clicking on each one to remove them).

Then reinstalling Ableton ensures there are no previous modifications to its contents as were performed in versions prior to v0.98B1

I'm having trouble with the Maschine sample converted Drum Racks.

I wouldn't worry about it - the Maschine drum rack version is not required anymore due to the advanced routing capability of the VST version now.  It will be deprecated/removed in the future.  Stick with just the Maschine VST version which is superior.  Then the samples in the Ableton library aren't needed, unless you wanted to build your own racks with them.  You get all the FX routing now in the latest Maschine VST kits, and the kits sound better with their intended effects and levels.  Although its not officially supported, if you'd like to try your hand at the old drum racks they are found in a folder Optional/Obsolete/Maschine Racks in the downloaded file.

Is there windows support?

UPDATE: Windows users now have full compatibility with Komplete 9 Ultimate Presets and Push.  They can also use UAD and Soundtoys.

To install it, the only library of reasonable size that must be copied/moved is the Battery 4 Factory library (about 3GB?) which must reside on your C:\Users\Shared drive.  Monark, Razor, Prism, and Spark must also be copied here but are small enough to not worry about.  All the other Reaktor and Kontakt presets are relative to their original installed locations so that is great news! The other VST's are fine.

Can I read the documentation and find out about the installation process?  I'd also like to know what it does to the User Library.

The documentation is available here.

My browser options look different to your demo video, I have to access the presets through places at the bottom.

As of V0.98 the bridge doesn't require any modification to what happens under the hood with Ableton Live. All presets are now found under "Places" on Push.  The video is a little out of date.  The current version is now simply presets without modifying lives browser code.  It was no longer necessary since live 9.0.5 because places now have sub folder structure. There is a potential suggestion for customising it better here.  But since it is not a standard recommendation by Ableton it can't be supported.  If you have installed previous versions of the VST Bridge prior to the first V0.98B1 it is recommended you reinstall Ableton, and clear out the old VST Bridge Presets for this reason.


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