AudioModder Bridge - Maschine and Expansions 5&6


"...A great job with AudioModder, this has already put my workflow on a new level." - Lionel Regis-Constant

"GENIUS! I've been struggling to figure out this PUSH issue out! Just got your presets installed and wow!! It fucking works! Thanks so much." -  DJ Numbawun


- You don't need Push to benefit from this amazing workflow enhancer!
- Sequence and automate Maschine in Live, maintain your workflow!
- Preconfigured split effects routing. Checkout how to get even more out of this feature for splitting out to seperate tracks and hot swapping any preset!
- Integration for Maschine and Push ready for automation.
- Thorough mapping for sounds such as Drumsynth in Maschine kits.
- Fully organised in bank names.
- Names for sounds on each pad and colour coding.


USE KITS FROM Maschine 2.0 and Push.

If you already own the VST Bridge click here for a discount.


Ableton Push VST Bridge for Maschine 2.0 is a library of converted VST presets. It allows owners of Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 and expansions to utilise presets through Push's browser. Each kit has dials pre-configured so your ready for step automation in Live 9.5 64 Bit when you load any preset from Push.

For Maschine, you can load any kit straight from the Live or Push browser.  Every kit is an Ableton preset with split 16 channel routing of sounds configured in Live drum racks.  This doesn't just benefit users of Push, but Maschine 2.0 users in general- you have 16 individual audio chains ready to add Live's effects and automation.  It lets you sequence all your beats and effects automation in Live clips for Maschine.

Max for Live users also gain the ability to access 8 parameters per Maschine sound (128/kit) in each kit with the AudioModder device - MacroX.

It includes the presets for the following expansions:

Pack 5

Black Arc

Cavern Floor

Lilac Glare

Molten Veil

Motor Impact

Queensbridge Story

Rising Crescent

Solar Breeze


Pack 6

Elastic Thump

Headland Flow

Hexagon Highway

London Grit

Prismatic Bliss

Radiant Horizon

Sierra Grove

Street Swarm


Whats New?

The Maschine Expansions have had a lot of recent development for Push 1 & 2, and give you more thorough presets for mouse free navigation of Maschine in Live's native drum racks.

-Each of the 16 pads are labelled with the correct sound name as in the Maschine kit.
-Colour coding on individual chains (lets hope Ableton allow us to colour drum rack pads one day!)
-Special sound types that aren't samplers (like synths) get mapped more thouroughly and have other effects in the chain mapped for macroX as well where possible.


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These presets will not work if you do not already own the respective VST's or sample libraries.  They reference these paths to respect copyright.

User Feedback:

"It has solved a lot of headaches for me.  I am loving this and it is well worth the money for all your time and effort. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy using NI sounds through Push."
James Douglas
"It really is fantastic, I find myself building a sequence and flying thru NI Instrument presets "auditioning" sounds at an astounding rate with PUSH and in fact trying presets that I probably would never have bothered trying normally!"
Paul Kultschar


No refunds or exchanges are available for this software as the presets are not able to be removed/disabled.

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