AudioModder Bridge - Komplete/Maschine for Push

For Push 1 & 2, Maschine, Komplete 8-11, Komplete 8-11 Ultimate, UAD, and Soundtoys.

Important:  Currently NI Komplete Kontrol appears to limit us from hot swapping presets on MacOs , causing a crash.  The work around is to delete the preset first before adding a new one back.  Please bear with us while we resolve the issue.  We have also created a bug report with NI "KBDSW-5848 crashing when hot swapping presets in ableton live".    If you feel inclined to help provide visibility to NI that you are affected by this ticket it will help prioritise fixing the issue.

If you already own the VST Bridge, get the discounted upgrade version by logging into your user account and selecting the upgrade in the store.

"The only reason I was considering Maschine over Push at first was VST connectivity, but you changed the game. Thanks" - Pedro Valenzuela

"I don't know what I would do without this bridge! I probably would have sold my Push by now!” - Yung Vando

"...A great job with AudioModder, this has already put my workflow on a new level." - Lionel Regis-Constant

"GENIUS! I've been struggling to figure out this PUSH/KOMPLETE issue out! Just got your presets installed and wow!! It fucking works! Thanks so much." -  DJ Numbawun



Use Ableton Push mouse free with access to your favourite VST presets and parameter automation.

Ableton Push VST Bridge is a library of converted VST presets. It allows owners of Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate 64 Bit VST's, Maschine 2, UAD Plugins and Soundtoys Native Effects to utilise presets through Push's browser. Furthermore it opens up all Kontakt, Reaktor instruments, and Guitar Rig presets which is usually a multi-step mouse driven process.

New features include:

- Integration for Komplete 11 and Push ready for automation.
- Fully organised in bank names and instrument types
- Uses Komplete Kontrol's automatic mapping of VST parameters for Push users.  Komplete Kontrol software is a free download from NI here.  (Komplete Kontrol hardware is not supported at this stage).
- 21,000+ Presets available on push.

Max for Live users have the ability to access 8 parameters per Maschine sound in each kit with the updated AudioModder device - MacroX.

Instruments like Razor, Massive and many others have dials pre-configured so your ready for step automation in Live 9.x 64 Bit when you load any preset from Push.

Use Push in place of Maschine hardware with tight VST integration.

For Maschine, you can load any kit straight from the Live or Push browser.  Every kit is an Ableton preset with split 16 channel routing of sounds configured in Live drum racks.  This doesn't just benefit users of Push, but Maschine users in general- you have 16 individual audio chains ready to add Live's effects and automation.  It lets you sequence all your beats and effects automation in Live clips for Maschine.  M4L users will benefit from being able to step automate 8 ready mapped parameters per Maschine sound (128 total parameters) when its released.

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Our demo is from a previous version, all original capabilities are included in the AudioModder Bridge K11

These presets will not work if you do not already own the respective VST's or sample libraries.  They reference these paths to respect copyright.  Presets are offered for the following instruments.


NI Komplete or NI Komplete Kontrol Software

Maschine & M4L/Live Suite - Only needed for Maschine kits


Drum racks ready for sequencing  
Maschine 2.0 Abbey Road
Battery 4 Action Strikes
Damage West Africa
Studio Drummer Polyplex
More of NI Komplete’s instruments
Absynth 5.0 Rounds
Action Strings Scarbee Funk Guitarist
Alicias Keys Scarbee Jay-Bass
Balinese Gamelan Scarbee MM-Bass
Cuba Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
Drum Lab Scarbee Pre-Bass
Emotive Strings Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped
Evolve Mutations Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
Evolve Mutations 2 Scarbee Vintage Keys
Evolve R2 Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic
Flesh Session Horns Pro
Form Session Strings Pro
FM8 Skanner XT
George Duke Soul Treasures Spark
India The Gentleman
Kinetic Metal The Giant
Kontakt The Grandeur
Maschine 2.0 Loops The Maverick
Maschine Drum Selection Una Corda
Maschine Loops Vintage Organs
Massive Symphony Essentials - Brass Ensemble
Monark Symphony Essentials - Brass Solo
Prism Symphony Essentials - String Ensemble
Razor Symphony Essentials - Woodwind Ensemble
Reaktor Symphony Essentials - Woodwind Solo
Driver Solid Bus Comp
Enhanced EQ Solid Dynamics
Guitar Rig Solid EQ
Guitar Rig - Reflektor Supercharger GT
Guitar Rig - Rammfire The Finger
Molekular The Mouth
NI Solid Bus Comp Transient Master
NI Solid Dynamics VC 160
Passive EQ VC 2A
RC 24 VC 76
RC 48 Vari Comp
Replika XT
UAD Effects Racks
SPL Twintube Processor Roland Dimension D
SPL Transient Designer Roland RE-201 Space Echo
RS-1 Reflection Engine 4K Buss Compressor
Roland CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Lexicon 224
Realverb Pro
Precision Enhancer Khz Soundtoys Effects Racks
Precision Enhancer Hz Crystalizer
MXR Flanger Doubler Decapititor
Little Labs Voice Of God Echobo
Ep-34 Tape Echo FilterFreak 1&2
EMT250 Reverb Single Presets
EMT140 Plate Reverb NI Solid Bus Comp
DreamVerb NI Solid Dynamics
DM-1L Delay Soundtoys DevilLoc/Deluxe
DM-1 Delay Soundtoys LittleMicroShift
Cooper Time Cube Soundtoys Radiator/LittleRadiator
EL7 Fatso Soundtoys PanMan
Moog Filter Soundtoys PhaseMistress
Teletronix LA-2A Legacy Soundtoys Tremolator


User Feedback:

"It has solved a lot of headaches for me.  I am loving this and it is well worth the money for all your time and effort. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy using NI sounds through Push."
James Douglas
"This is particularly awesome considering surfing the sounds of some instruments such as Reaktor and Kontakt is a 3-step mouse-driven affair.  A method to generate Live Preset libraries (to populate the Browser in Push) directly from 3rd party plugins such as the mammoth load of sounds you get in packages like NI's Komplete." 
Jase FOS
"It really is fantastic, I find myself building a sequence and flying thru NI Instrument presets "auditioning" sounds / FX etc at an astounding rate with PUSH and in fact trying presets that I probably would never have bothered trying normally!" 
Paul Kultschar


No refunds or exchanges are available for this software as the presets are not able to be removed/disabled.




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