The Audiomodder VST bridge has done more than just bring in VST preset's into the browser.  It lets you have much tighter integration when sequencing with instruments like Maschine.

You have the choice of loading up any Maschine kit as a VST from Push's browser, straight into a drum rack receiving on all channels - all ready to be sequenced with Push.

Furthermore, each Maschine kit's samples can also be loaded up into a drum rack without the VST.  In this way we are ready for adding effects onto any sample chain straight from Push.

This lets you get the best of both worlds - you can still use Maschine for its own internal effects on its stunning kits and sample library, while sequencing with a Drum Rack on Push.  Or you get the ability to use Live's effects racks on each of Maschine's kits and samples!

You must own Maschine and its sample library to take advantage of this feature.  The Push VST Bridge only references this data within its presets for its utilization.

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Written by Andrew Graham — September 06, 2013

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