Since the beginning of 2013 a lot has changed in the abilities of Ableton Push to customize browsing and interfacing with VST plugins.  Here's is a summary of what developed with The Push VST Bridge to make Native Instruments VST presets available on the Push browser.


Julien Bayle's Remote Scripts made it possible to add our own categories.  DJ Limbs Tutorial drew on this and showed a method for customising categories for Maschine.  A great workflow for keeping separate banks and subcategories when sample browsing in drum racks in push.

I then shared how to batch preset libraries into the Ableton Live Library for browsing VST Presets.

I managed to convert all Maschine kit presets into Ableton Drum Racks allowing us to route effects and have more control, and also kept the Maschine kits as a VST option to maintain the original effects and levels.  I then set out to convert the entire NI Komplete Library.

Applying this workflow to Native Instruments Komplete and later Soundtoys was a long process, and from there I decided it was worth packaging up my work to save others the effort.  I figured funding I could receive from the project would be great to help expand this library.

Ableton Push and VST Presets could now play together in the browser with the AudioModder Push VST bridge!

As of Live 9.0.5 no hacking of Live's browsing capability was required because of the added functionality to "places".  Now Push could see all the subfolders in places giving a display for each level of the folder structure!  This is excellent because it means we don't have to hack the browser to create custom categories for synths.  We can just use folders to do it.

Here is a list of what we've got planned for the future based on the success of the AudioModder VST bridge for Ableton Push.

-Add Korg and Arturia VST presets

-Add all Maschine Expansions


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Written by Andrew Graham — September 02, 2013

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